The artiste

Bernard-Henri Bissat

Was born on June 22, 1955 in Auberson, a commune of Sainte-Croix.

His initial profession was that of photographer. It taught him about light, colours, shape and space. From there, the transposition towards sculpture and the approach to stone was made progressively and very naturally.

“All matter impresses me, particularly stone. I choose it, I try to read it, interpret it and help it restore its essence to improve its lustre, its secret, its life” explains the sculptor.

Bernard-Henri Bissat’s research is strongly illustrated in the diversity of the rocks which he endeavoured to emphasize in his works. On examining his collection of sculptures, one discovers a whole range of local stones, with a certain partiality for Evolène prasinite which he chose for larger works such as “Evolée”. This is a longline ,seven-metre high monument anchored in the Old Stand port of Lutry. Or likewise, his work entitled “Approach” which adorns the Ernest-Ansermet Quay in Montreux. This green-coloured rock is often found in smaller works which represent the female body or an animal.

Bernard-Henri Bissat  constantly seeks the exact reproduction that he can give to the stone he is cutting, by varying the treatment of the surface in order to give full depth to the object.

Several exhibitions held in Switzerland, particularly in Lausanne, Geneva and Montreux, revealed, to the general public, the aesthetic and significant approach of his art which is in permanent evolution.