To begin with, there is the true love of art, the quest for beauty and the need to share a particular work of art. From the outset, there is a whole process of reflecting and maturing, which leads to the development of a project and fruition of an object filled with meaning, whose ambition can be universal: a sculpture cut in stone, an idea interpreted by that stone, an image of Switzerland which can be translated by the majestic silhouette of an emblematic mountain: The Matterhorn.

After that, there is a long way between the artist’s project and its creation, completion and method of reproduction: the choice of stone and reproduction materials, the visual approach of the inspirational subject, the mastery of the cut, the casting of carved works, the choice of colour, size and plinth/base of the finished object. All of the above mentioned elements lead to the concretization of an original work of art.

From the onset, we made every possible effort to present a sculpture which symbolized the mythical image of Switzerland, delivered in its own case and packaging, carefully and personally created by us.

We have always thought of the satisfaction felt by the recipients of our works of art and our messages. From this moment onwards, our work belongs to you, with recognition of the consideration which you have bestowed on us.